Category: Summer lawn care

6 Ways to Care for Your Lawn While on Vacation

School may be back in session, but there’s still time to take a summer vacation in the South. Whether you’ve planned an extravagant getaway or a simple visit to family, you’re about to enjoy your time away from home. However, what about the property you’re leaving behind? If you want to keep your yard in […]

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Maintaining Your Lawn in Extreme Heat: Here’s What to Do

For Southerners, excessive summer heat rolls around each year as no surprise. If your lawn has warm season turf, then your grass also is prepared to take that excessive 90-degree heat plus some; however, just like you have limits in hot weather, so does your lawn. Here’s what you can do while maintaining your lawn […]

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Watering Your Lawn: How Often Should You Do It?

Do you want healthy, vibrant green grass? Watering your lawn is obviously critical to its well-being, but how often should you do it? Your lawn’s grass type and region determine how often you should water your lawn. Follow these basic guidelines to get on the right track. The rule of thumb Irrigate, or water, your […]

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