5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds

No matter how much time we spend tending to our yards, weeds always seem to creep up and invade. Even worse, they’re often difficult to eliminate, leading many people to rely on pesticides. However, pesticides can, if ingested, cause harm to human and animals. This leaves children and pets especially vulnerable. Furthermore, certain chemicals could, if used improperly, cause damage to the environment. If you would prefer to try your hand at pesticide-free options, consider these natural ways to get rid of weeds.

Use your handiwork. 

If you—or the person doing the gardening—are able to comfortably carry out the task, considered weeding by hand. Put on gloves and consider bringing out a cushion to rest your knees on. Though this method can prove time-consuming, many people also find it satisfying to get the work done themselves. And don’t worry—if this isn’t your preference, there are plenty of other alternatives.

Water strategically. 

Creating irrigation channels and maintaining a heavy watering schedule can put a damper on weed growth. However, make sure you follow local watering laws, especially if your area is dealing with a drought. 

Get clipping. 

Want to promote healthy grass growth, but don’t want to risk helping your weeds with fertilizer? You can always rely on your post-trim grass trimmings.

Turn up the heat. 

Safely carry a cup of boiling water to the weeds and pour directly over them. Make sure to wear closed-toes shoes and cover up to avoid being splashed. Additionally, try to aim only for your target so you don’t end up killing any grass.

Put your mower on the job. 

Whether you have a Husqvarna zero-turn, push mower, or Automower, you have a helpful machine on your side. Not only is this one of the best natural ways to get rid of weeds, but if you employ the Automower, you won’t even have to work at all. Simply program the settings and let this excellent invention loose. Just make sure that you don’t trim the grass too much. Let it maintain some length, as this will take away resources from troublesome weeds.

With these natural ways to get rid of weeds, you have the options you need to keep your yard healthy.  Time to get started on a beautiful—and well-kept—lawn!

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